Network Assessment Service

Evaluate The Health And Security Of Your Company’s Industrial Control System Network


A Network Assessment provides the information you need to improve operations, solidify network security and plan for future growth. Agilix Solutions is an Authorized Distributor and Authorized Service Provider of Rockwell Automation products and services, and that means we don’t just understand the world of industrial automation, we can provide you with the tools and information you need to make the most of it.

Knowing The Score Helps You Pull Ahead


You need to have a well-connected network for your business to compete. However, that ability to stay connected presents ongoing challenges as updates, security and compatibility become more and more critical. An Industrial Network Assessment of your industrial control system network can provide the information necessary to:

  • Avoid unplanned outages and improve reliability
  • Gain real-time visibility into operations
  • Secure systems and minimize the risk of malicious threats
  • Optimize productivity and collaboration
  • Plan for future growth and expansion

After a Network Assessment, you'll:

  • Recognize which parts of your infrastructure can be upgraded
  • Understand what equipment needs to be replaced
  • Feel confident that you have all the data needed to make good decisions
  • Rest easy that Agilix has presented options with your success in mind

Reach your productivity goals with help from the Agilix team. A braintrust of product and network specialists are ready to help you achieve the next level in manufacturing reliability and network performance.


Download Rockwell Automation's Information Infrastructure And Security Brochure
Download Rockwell Automation's Actionable Data Brochure


Our 4-Step Process


Agilix, in coordination with Rockwell Automation, take a multi-disciplined approach to studying your network infrastructure and technology and presenting opportunities to improve your operations.


This service looks at the physical layer, network configuration and all active nodes on the plant network. The network and its status are assessed using the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) design guidelines developed jointly by Rockwell Automation and Cisco to address manufacturing network standards.



The process begins with a team meeting so that we can discuss your data requirements.



We will conduct an on-site interview and physical plant walk-through. We’ll gather physical infrastructure information during the site walk-through, and logical and security information during the on-site interview.



We will analyze the collected data and compile a final report. This report will provide an in-depth overview of network architecture along with recommended actions. Each section will be rated on criticality to the impact of your operations, so you know what will make the largest impact.


You will receive a Network Assessment Scorecard rating the following categories:

  • Network Architecture
  • Network Management
  • Network Cabinets
  • Network Switch Rooms
  • Power Redundancy
  • Power Backup
  • Cable Media
  • Cable Termination
  • Cable Management
  • Cable Pathways
  • Grounding/Bonding
  • Labeling

The assessment reviews key areas of your industrial network and identifies deficiencies within the design or implementation. Deficiencies are noted as critical, major or minor, and the required steps to mitigate concerns are discussed in detail.



We will review the assessment, discuss remediation, and help you develop an action plan. We present possible solutions to each problem and suggestions for improvement. You, the customer, make the final decisions regarding which steps take place next.



Our Network Assessment Partners


Agilix partners with Rockwell Automation, Cisco and Panduit to develop a comprehensive solution for our customers.


We understand how the convergence of IT and OT holds opportunities for your company's growth. We partner with industry leaders to develop systems that work seamlessly and provide tangible, measurable benefits to your bottom line.


Our main partner is Rockwell Automation, the world's leader in integrated automation and control technology, who in turn collaborates with trusted companies like Cisco and Panduit to create a Network Assessment team that covers all the bases.


In collaboration with Cisco, we:

  • Connect industrial networks to the enterprise network infrastructure
  • Develop reliable, secure and safe infrastructure
  • Create tested and validated reference architectures, industrial network products and network design training

In collaboration with Panduit, we:

  • Provide pre-configured physical network infrastructure solutions, including industrial data centers and zone enclosures
  • Connect industrial networks into the enterprise network infrastructure
  • Develop network design training



Want to know how a Network Assessment can help you to reach your productivity goals? Contact Kelly McLure today!

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