Connected and Protected:
Cybersecurity from Agilix Solutions and Rockwell Automation

Agilix Solutions has a team of experienced, dedicated Network Security specialists who leverage the industry-leading technology and systems of Rockwell Automation (and its partners) to ensure that modern technology lives up to its promise without adding vulnerabilities to your business. The collaboration of Agilix and Rockwell Automation provides unsurpassed IT/OT expertise, global scale and automation-agnostic solutions.

Our Network Security experts take a three-step approach:

  1. Assessment: We study your systems for risk areas and potential threats. Our focus:
    • Network
    • Industrial demilitarized zone (IDMZ)
    • Firewall
    • Risk assessment
    • Security posture survey
    • Penetration testing
  2. Implementation: Our team will support you and your goals for a secure, productive OT environment. Our focus:
    • Network
    • Industrial demilitarized zone (IDMZ)
    • Firewall
    • Virtual infrastructure
    • Threat detection
    • Endpoint security
    • Secure remote access
  3. Management: We can support your own IT/OT professionals with preventive maintenance as well as remote monitoring and analytics. Our focus:
    • Network
    • Industrial demilitarized zone (IDMZ)
    • Firewall
    • Virtual infrastructure
    • Threat detection Endpoint Security Secure remote access

Documented Network: The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

When you partner with Agilix Solutions and Rockwell Automation for your cybersecurity, you don't just minimize the enterprise risk from malicious actors, you help protect and ensure the continuous flow of data through your business systems by having formal documentation of your network infrastructure. That means you can actually put it to use, improving your production efficiencies and eliminating downtime.
Documented data is information that can be used to make your business better, your security stronger and your bottom line healthier.

The Agilix Solutions Advantage

When you work with Agilix Solutions and Rockwell Automation, you can rest assured that the connected systems and machines in your facility are on your side and not working against you. By partnering with Agilix for Network Security, you'll feel confident knowing the measures our team helps put in place are:

  • Protecting operations from intrusions that could impact productivity, product quality, worker safety or the environment.
  • Safeguarding intellectual property and other valuable information.
  • Maintaining critical systems that populations depend on, such as wastewater treatment systems.
  • Achieving network availability and avoiding network-related downtime.
  • Enabling, but also properly controlling, remote access to industrial operations.

We approach all of this with your company's goals in mind:

  • Gaining real-time visibility into operations, including KPIs and asset performance
  • Optimizing asset utilization and worker productivity
  • Improving collaboration, whether it is between plants or with outside partners
  • Reducing risks that are related to safety or the industrial skills gap

Want to know more about cybersecurity from Agilix and Rockwell Automation? Contact Kelly McLure today!

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Sales Specialist
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